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Did you know that according to the 

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

and the U.S. Fire Administration there are

over 15,000 clothes dryer related fires each year.

Having a Clogged Dryer System Can:

Reduce    The Life of Your Dryer
Increase   Drying Times of Your Laundry
Increase   Your Utility Bills
Increase   The Chances of a Fire in Your Home

What can happen?
Your dryer vent system can slowly fill with lint that
gets by your dryer's filter. Lint can also build up
inside your dryer. This build up of lint can create a
significant fire hazard.

The Solution:
Your dryer & vent system should be inspected and cleaned
every 1-3 years to avoid any dangerous build up of lint and any
other blockages that may cause your dryer to run inefficiently
or cause a fire.

What Vent and Filter Services can do for you:
  Inspect your dryer & vent for lint or other blockages to determine if there is
need to be cleaned
  Clean out any blockages which could not only include lint but other items
     such as bird's nests
  Access and clean the inside of your dryer for any accumulated lint on the motor
     and heating element
  Repair or replace any broken or damaged vent pipe

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